Lets Me Work On My Business…Not In My Business!

With ITVantix as our “One-Stop-Shop” technology provider, my team and I focus on sales/marketing. The security of our computer systems and information, paired with, the consistency of phone service is an absolute minimum requirement. With ITVantix as our One-Stop-Shop technology provider, we don’t have to worry about our business technology.

They have continually delivered IT and phone services at a reasonable price allowing us to focus on growing our business.

“If you want to focus on what’s actually important in your business and Make Money, you don’t need to look any further than ITVantix…they get it right!

Will McGehee Partner
Genuine Georgia Group

ITVantix Eliminated Costly Downtime and Safeguarded Our Data!

We operate seven days a week and our downtime has been virtually zero in the twelve years ITVantix has been our IT Services Provider. Partnering with ITVantix has given us access to trained, knowledgeable and professional IT resources; they have continually monitored our systems, protected us from cyber-attacks, safeguarded our data and kept us apprised in a rapidly changing technology environment.

Pat Murphy Former CFO
Lane Southern Orchards

I No Longer Worry…ITVantix Is Our Go-To Trusted IT Services Partner!

“Our previous IT firm was remote and did not offer hardware assistance. ITVantix has become our go-to trusted IT Services Partner because they have the knowledge and skills to help us with local and remote hardware/software issues and they’ve freed up my time so that I can focus on running the business. I no longer worry about IT related issues, these folks know what they are doing!”

Walon Smith Owner/Agent
HM Advisors (Formerly Hunt Miller Insurance)

ITVantix Provides High Quality IT Service!

“We can always count on ITVantix to provide High Quality IT Service! Every time, my problems have been accurately resolved and I don’t have to repeatedly ask for help for the same issues.”

Ashley Walker Controller
Luminus Diagnostics

ITVantix has the Quickest Response Time!

“We urgently needed our new offices cabled and a new phone system installed. From the beginning, the ITVantix team made us feel that our company was a top priority. ITVantix has the quickest response time I have ever encountered. Moreover, they were on point with a very impressive timeline to our installation. ITVantix stands by the products they provide and services they offer. You will not be disappointed.”

Lisa Ellingson Service Manager
J & J Heating and Air, LLC

ITVantix has Phenomenal Response Times!

“We have used other Voice and IT Service Providers in the past, but no one is comparable to working with ITVantix. They have phenomenal response times to any problems, and they are always available to assist with any issues we have in the office. In addition to their quick service, I would highly recommend ITVantix for their cost savings.”

Gigi Rolfes Executive Director
Family Advancement

Exceptionally Knowledgeable Employees!

"ITVantix employees are exceptionally knowledgeable. They cover all aspects of the network: firewall, cameras, network cabling, wireless access points and programming. There is always someone who is an expert in each field.

ITVantix cares about their customers. It’s evident the moment their receptionist answers the phone call to the time a technician comes to our church. Their mission is to solve our problem.

There are two advantages to having ITVantix as our IT Service Provider. The first advantage is that they are local. If we have an urgent technical issue, they can be here the same day. The second advantage is their response time; they work fast and efficiently, every time.

JoAnne Dover Financial Administrator
Central Baptist Church

Knowledgeable, Courteous and Pleasant!

“Happy Hour is a non-profit organization with over 100 workstations spread out across multiple locations. Our previous technology provider was no longer able to keep up with our current needs and we experienced significant data loss as a result. Additionally, the previous provider took several days to respond to our service requests.

We ultimately partnered with ITVantix in 2016 for our IT, phone and security system needs. Our experience has been wonderful! The ITVantix team is knowledgeable and the interaction is always courteous and pleasant. Someone always responds quickly by phone, email or a ticket reply and they come to site quickly when needed!

‘Computer people’ sometimes get a bad rap for being anti-social. This is not so with the staff at ITVantix. I really appreciate their customer service. They strive to make personal connections and never make us feel like they are too busy to address our needs. Their staff is friendly and personable, and I have not encountered anyone presenting impatience or frustration, even when I know I am bugging them about an issue.”

Chris Fowler Executive Assistant
Happy Hour Service Center

ITVantix provided the Right Solution!

“For one reason or another, our existing phone system was no longer meeting our growing needs. We contracted with two different IT support companies and could never get the issues resolved. Ultimately, we partnered with ITVantix and they provided the right solution. They provide thoughtful and professional service. We know we will receive help and support quickly with ITVantix and we know they will do what they say on a timely basis!”

Mike Montgomery COO
Permatherm, Inc.

ITVantix Has Exceptional Customer Service!

“We have been using the ITVantix Team as our Voice Service Provider since 2011. The biggest benefit of having ITVantix on our team is their exceptional customer service. If a problem ever arises, we can call, and someone always answers the phone live and helps us with our technical issues. When necessary, they promptly send out a technician to fix the problem, keeping our down time to a minimum.”

Paula Burns Accounts Payable
Eyesight Associates

Courteous, Patient, Helpful and Quick to Respond!

“Our technology infrastructure needs to run efficiently with zero downtime. After all, if our employees are unable to work because of network issues, we could not properly service our clients. ITVantix is our trusted technology partner and it has been a pleasure working with them. Every member of their team is courteous, patient, helpful and quick to respond. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ITVantix to others, we really appreciate the relationship.”

Diane Freeland Owner
Georgia Security Systems, Inc.

ITVantix Is Invested In Your Success and Will Provide You With The Right Solutions To Support Your Business Goals.

“With ITVantix as our IT service provider, downtime is virtually zero; everything just works. If there ever is an issue, their response time is phenomenal, and issues are resolved quickly. This gives us the benefit of peace of mind.

ITVantix has a comprehensive understanding of all things technology, from phone systems, integrated security systems, to everyday IT. They implement proven solutions that work seamlessly across all areas of the organization. Other providers often seem to only understand a small piece of the puzzle and can only offer partial solutions. ITVantix is different. They see the big picture and have the expertise to put all the pieces together to provide a complete IT solution to not only support, but also enhance, the business.

When you choose ITVantix as your IT service provider, you are gaining a strategic partner who is invested in your success and will provide you with the right IT solutions to support your business goals. They are not an average provider simply looking to make a quick sale; they truly care about their customers and providing superior service at all times.”

Mark Sanchez CEO
Southern Orchards Management, LLC