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Let no support question go unanswered! Give your staff access to the very best in technical support for a concise flat rate.

We’ve seen it all before: A user is suffering from a relatively simple, yet annoying, issue on their workstation, but in order to get support for it, they need to get permission from their supervisor, who needs to go to their supervisor, who needs to check with accounting… and et cetera. A quick phone call would resolve the issue and improve the user’s productivity, but it all gets halted by red tape in order to prevent a surprise technical support bill.

Get the answers you need with ITVantix's Expert Help Desk...

Getting help and answers for common productivity applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel is just a phone call away. Issue troubleshooting and remediation, network & user administration, and even support for your workstations and connected peripheral hardware is supported.

Our Help Desk consists of experienced level 2 or higher technicians with a wide-range of technical knowledge and expertise, who are dedicated to solving your support issues quickly in order to keep you and your employees up and running with minimal downtime. If an issue requires escalation or an on-site visit, our support engineers will schedule an on-site visit to help resolve any problems.


We Manage Technology so you don't have to!

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