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Outsourcing Managed Information Technology Services

Case Study: Phoenix Center Community Service Board (CSB)

“With ITVantix as our Managed Services partner, we know our systems will continue to function at a high level—along with the proper security and system backups in place so that we can recover from a disaster at the facility if we need to. We also know we will not have to face again the challenge of an aging or poorly-maintained IT infrastructure.”

Deborah Kinlaw
The Phoenix Center CSB, CEO


As a comprehensive behavioral health service provider, Phoenix Center CSB delivers a vast array of behavioral health and intellectual developmental disability services that improve psychological health, social functioning and quality of life in the middle Georgia area. The organization is headquartered in Warner Robins, Georgia and through its network of facilities, serves over 30,000 clients and families from surrounding communities.


The Challenge

The Phoenix Center CSB had just turned to ITVantix to complete a refresh of its entire IT data and voice communications infrastructure throughout eight physical locations. Phase I created a complete Backup & Disaster Recovery environment. Phase II included two new virtual servers and migrating its nine physical servers into a virtual environment with minimal downtime. Phase III involved deploying eight firewalls and establishing a reliable “cloud ready” wide area network. Phase IV produced a well documented IT organization.

The refresh was a much-needed change for end users of the organization, as the previous degraded performance of applications had hampered their ability to efficiently provide services to clients for many years.

Fortunately, the budget allocation for the IT infrastructure refresh came along just in time. Just as importantly, ITVantix presented a cost-effective approach to replace all the major devices on the network. The IT systems now function flawlessly.

“It was critical at that point-in-time that we also take the necessary steps to ensure we did not end up back in the same situation a few years down the road—with another aging IT infrastructure reaching end-of-life status,” says Deborah Kinlaw, The Phoenix Center CSB CEO. “We realized we needed to protect our investment by tapping into the expertise and on-going system management skills of an external IT partner.”


The Solution

Kinlaw chose to turn to ITVantix for ongoing Managed Services of the Phoenix Center CSB environment. ITVantix provides Managed Services to organizations that have just deployed a new IT environment, as well as those that have a solid IT infrastructure already in place.

In addition to the ability to support IT infrastructures and the knowledge of emerging technologies, Kinlaw appreciates ITVantix’s perspective on partnering with medium sized organizations. “Collaborating with medium sized organizations is their primary focus, so they understand both our technology and our financial challenges,” Kinlaw says.

“ITVantix also has specific experience working with multi-location environments similar to ours. So they understand our service challenges as well. This perspective plays a significant role when it comes to providing IT support. They know what works and what does not for an environment like ours.”

The Managed IT Services offering from ITVantix eliminates technology-based headaches, while also enabling a predictable budget plan and ensuring employees can focus on their tasks rather than IT. For the Phoenix Center CSB, ITVantix provides remote monitoring and maintenance, as well as comprehensive IT support for servers and infrastructure devices.

The ITVantix Help Desk—staffed by experienced technicians—also manages vendors who provide hardware and software to the Phoenix Center CSB. The Help Desk also ensures the computer network is completely secure from breaches.


The Benefits

With ITVantix keeping a close watch on the Phoenix Center CSB infrastructure, Michael Richardson, the organization’s IT Operations Coordinator, can focus on helping the internal staff leverage technology to function more efficiently.

The Managed Services offering also made it easier for ITVantix to deploy a wireless solution at the organization’s various locations and a secure remote-access solution for staff working at residential homes and in the community.

“Because the ITVantix Managed Services offering makes sure our infrastructure performs consistently, it’s more practical for us to consider adding enhancements such as these,” Richardson says.

“For health service providers like us, with a small IT staff, it’s invaluable to partner with a Managed Services provider like ITVantix,” Kinlaw adds. “ITVantix serves as an extension of our internal IT.”

ITVantix is now collaborating with the IT department on implementing a new cloud based electronic medical records system. The partnership enables the team to work together more effectively given that they don’t need to worry about the performance of the IT infrastructure—thanks to the Managed Services provided by ITVantix.

The Ultimate Pay-off: Peace of Mind

Kinlaw considers ITVantix to be a much lower-cost alternative to hiring a larger IT staff. “We receive more out of Managed Services as far as oversight of the environment, consulting on HIPAA related technology issues and knowledge of what is happening and changing in the IT area than we would if we brought on additional IT staff,” Kinlaw says. “And we would still need to purchase monitoring tools for an internal staff in addition to paying for ongoing training, as well as their salary.”

But the most important benefit of partnering with ITVantix for Managed IT Services is short-term and long-term peace-of-mind:

“Day-to-day, we know our IT systems will continue to function at a high level— along with the proper security and system backups in place so that we can recover from a disaster at the facility if we need to,” Kinlaw says. “In the future, we know we will not have to face again the challenge of an aging or poorly-maintained IT infrastructure. ITVantix ensures we are always running the latest system updates and configurations, and they provide us with ample warning when it’s time to consider deploying new hardware and software.”

ITVantix provides ARMMD, an Antivirus, Remote Monitoring, Management and Diligence service, to the Phoenix Center CSB.

Deploying the ARMMD Agent on workstations and servers allows ITVantix to provide 24x7x365 Proactive support to ensure systems are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

ITVantix Managed Services

Management and Monitoring of All Infrastructure and Network Components

  • Servers (including software patches and upgrades)
  • Storage-area-network
  • Network infrastructure
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Workstations
  • Firewall management
  • Wireless management
  • Multi-location Voice Communications
  • HIPAA-HITECH Compliance

ITVantix also provides on-going project support and CIO services, including budgeting and regular IT assessments.