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ITVantix is a leading Information Technology Services Provider in middle Georgia. We provide best-in-class technology services to small-medium businesses including healthcare and non-profit organizations.

A Comprehensive Provider Partnering in Your Success

ITVantix is a Managed Service Provider of IT solutions to small and midsize organizations throughout the middle Georgia region. We work in partnership with local organizations to leverage technology that drives innovation and accelerates business transformation.

For over 35 years, the team at ITVantix has been perfecting our IT consulting services and technology solutions to meet the changing needs of small and midsize businesses. Our diverse practice areas, strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors such as Microsoft, and highly trained and certified IT consultants make ITVantix uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive, high-value solutions that deliver real business impact to our customers as we partner in your business’ success.


ITVantix is committed to working in partnership with local organizations to deliver not only high quality technology consulting services, but an excellent value proposition as well. Our focus is to identify our clients’ business goals first; then, leverage our experienced team of business and IT consultants to partner in their success.


With strategic focus, we gain insights into our client’s challenges and business objectives. Our focus on understanding, quantifying and measuring business results is a unique differentiator that allows us to deliver high-value, high-touch solutions with proven ROI.


Specialized in the technological expertise and solutions to keep up with the changing needs of small and midsize organizations, our breadth of services allows us to look at a problem from every angle and develop a comprehensive strategy with proven results.


We are committed to helping customers shape a strategy that accelerates their top priorities while setting them up for future success. We focus on being the partner you can rely on, and our high customer retention demonstrates the value we bring to our relationships.


We Manage Technology so you don't have to!

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